Pooja Balaram wins SfN 2014 Graduate Travel Award

In more good news from the SfN 2014 meeting, our chapter nominee, Pooja Balaram from the Kaas lab at Vanderbilt, won the SfN Graduate Student Travel Award. She presented her poster separately at the Travel Awards Poster Session on Saturday, November 15, and received her award at the Chapter Awards Reception on Monday, November 17.  Dr. Eun-Sook Lee, MTNCSfN secretary/treasurer, attended the poster session and expressed the congratulations of the chapter.

Pooja also was honored by the Cajal Club at their SfN-sponsored social on Sunday, November 16, where she received the Kreig Cortical Scholar Award, which is awarded to a junior neuroscientist who has conducted exemplary research on the cerebral cortex and/or its connections.  Her advisor, Dr. Jon H. Kaas, was also recognized at the Cajal Club event with the Sanford L. Palay – John Wiley Award, given to Ray Guillery and Jon Kaas.  Pooja defended her dissertation on October 24th before the SfN meeting, and in January she will be Dr. Balaram, postdoc in Dr. Dan Polley’s lab at Harvard Medical School, specifically the Eaton Peabody Laboratories in the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.  Many congratulations, Pooja!

Thanks also to Pooja Balaram for information and Eun-Sook Lee for the photograph from the Travel Awards Poster Session at SfN!


Pooja Balaram presented her poster at the 2014 Travel Awards Poster Session on Saturday evening at the annual SfN meeting. Photo courtesy of Eun-Sook Lee, who attended on behalf of the chapter.