Events & Outreach

Upcoming Events

We will be holding our first Flocking Fundraiser from January to May to help raise money for chapter activities such as the SERPENT program this summer.

Recurring Events

We plan to hold 2-3 socials each year focused on grad students, post docs, and faculty from the Middle TN community.  In addition, we plan 2-3 community socials each year, which may include short seminars, contests, and food and beverages.  These will be open to the Middle TN neuroscience research community and focused on including undergraduates.

Members participate in such events and join committees to help plan and execute them. We welcome undergraduates to serve as representatives on committees.

More Events

The Vanderbilt Brain Institute Calendar of Events

The Vanderbilt Psychology Department Calendar of Events





Kevin Kumar


1st Flocking Fundraiser The first fundraiser of 2013 kicks off in January and runs until May 1st.  How would you like to get your favorite professor, student, or colleague FLOCKED – NEUROSCIENCE STYLE?  For details on flocking and how to participate visit   2013 Annual Meeting Members of the Middle TN Neuroscience Community,   …

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2014 Annual Chapter Meeting and Data Blitz Competition   The annual meeting of The Middle Tennessee Chapter of Society for Neuroscience (MTNCSfN) will be May 14th at 4pm in room U1220 MRB3, Vanderbilt University.   Data blitz competition: there will be a data blitz competition (3-5 minute talks) for graduate students and post docs. The winners, as judged by …

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Dress Color Perception Poll 2015


March is Brain Awareness Month! Each year, the chapter participates in Brain Blast as an educational outreach activity.  The event was held at Vanderbilt 100 Oaks on March 7.  For more information about Brain Blast and Brain Awareness Month, see this article in the VUMC Reporter. As a fun neuroscience activity, we polled participants about how …

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You've been flocked poster


Flocking Fundraiser How would you like to get your favorite professor, student, or colleague FLOCKED – NEUROSCIENCE STYLE?! Have you ever seen those magnificent, plastic pink flamingos lining someone’s yard and questioned the odd choice of yard decor? Well, this is your chance to “flock” someone of your choice through a donation to the Middle …

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Caitlin Nelms


Fall Social The Middle TN Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience (MTNCSfN) and the Neuroscience Student Organization (NSO) would like to cordially invite everyone to attend our Fall Social which will be at 5:10pm on October 31st, immediately following the Neuroscience Seminar at Vanderbilt. This will be held in the 3rd floor lobby area of MRBIII (next to Suzie’s). If …

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SERPENT 2011 Poster Presentation


First Sponsored Student for SERPENT Program Summer 2011 we hosted the first student in our SERPENT (Summer Enrichment Research Program in Education and Neuroscience Training) program, Laurence Cain from TSU.  He worked in Dr. Bruce Carter’s Lab at Vanderbilt University and produced educational materials geared toward 5th and 6th grade students. Brain Awareness Month: Brain …

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Aaron Bowman


MTNCSfN Annual Meeting and Data Blitz The Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience held its annual meeting at 3:30pm to 5pm May 28th in room 1220 Medical Research Building III at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. A reception followed in the lobby outside of the meeting room. The annual meeting this year included a …

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