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First Sponsored Student for SERPENT Program

Summer 2011 we hosted the first student in our SERPENT (Summer Enrichment Research Program in Education and Neuroscience Training) program, Laurence Cain from TSU.  He worked in Dr. Bruce Carter’s Lab at Vanderbilt University and produced educational materials geared toward 5th and 6th grade students.

SERPENT student, Laurence Cain, pictured with MTNCSfN officers Vivien Casagrande and Aaron Bowman at the end of the summer research experience

Brain Awareness Month: Brain Blast!

 MTNCSfN participates with the Vanderbilt Brain Institute and Neuroscience Student Organization to lead a variety of hands-on activities to engage children in learning about the brain. A free day of family fun, Brain Blast 2011 was held on March 5 in the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital theater.


Summer Research Experience Fund-Raiser


Join the Middle Tennessee Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience (MTNCSfN) and enter the summer fund-raiser lottery to win –


Our Chapter is launching a new summer outreach program to attract bright young minds from local colleges to neuroscience research. The goal for summer 2011 is to support one student and more students in subsequent years. We need your help to raise the funds. This student will be sponsored in partnership with the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach and a special effort will be made to attract minority students from local colleges. This student will receive basic training in neuroscience and exposure to laboratory research. Additionally, this student will reach down to the next generation of students while also learning communication skills. By the end of the summer training this student will have translated a portion of their knowledge into educational materials to be presented to local middle school students. This effort will be guided by input from local experts to benefit both the student and the middle school recipient (grades 5 and 6). These materials will be distributed to local middle schools the following spring by the chapter.  The ultimate goal of this program is to excite students about career possibilities in science especially neuroscience. With your support we can develop a sustainable summer program in neuroscience supported by your local chapter. If successful, this program could be a model for other university-K-12 schools partnerships and for other SFN chapters.

So what could you win with your lottery ticket?

One lucky winner and 10 of their best buddies will be invited to the house of the President of the MTNCsfn and her husband and be treated to lessons in traditional Neapolitan Pizza craft using a heated marble stone and outdoor oven. This individual will then cut their own marble pizza stone (white Alabama marble) to take home along with recipes for making their own pizzas. Hand selected libations and an assortment of other delicacies will be provided throughout the evening.

It is only $10 to enter and you and your friends could be the lucky ones! Also, we have a special offer for renewing and new members, get two lotto tickets with your membership at a reduced cost.”


MTNCSfN and NSO Fund-raiser and Membership Drive

On September 11th, 2010 the VBI Neuroscience retreat was held at the Vanderbilt Student Life Center. With the NSO (Neuroscience Student Organization), the MTNCSfN held a scavenger hunt/fund-raiser for our upcoming summer research internship program.  Graduate students from the Vanderbilt Neuroscience and the Meharry neuroscience graduate programs participated.  The event raised over $350 in donations and membership dues.

Scavenger hunt winners Jeannette Stankowski, Katherine Louderback, and Amy Kleman (from left to right) with MTNCSfN leadership Dr. Aaron Bowman and Dr. Vivien Casagrande.