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Flocking Fundraiser

How would you like to get your favorite professor, student, or colleague FLOCKED – NEUROSCIENCE STYLE?!

Have you ever seen those magnificent, plastic pink flamingos lining someone’s yard and questioned the odd choice of yard decor? Well, this is your chance to “flock” someone of your choice through a donation to the Middle Tennessee Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience (MTNCSfN). For those who have never had the joy of experiencing this, flocking is a fun fundraiser that uses donations to selectively “flock” their yard of choice with plastic flamingos. The person whose yard is “flocked” then has the option to flock their “flocker” back by contributing a donation. In lieu of yard flamingo flocking, we are changing this to be able to flock a PI’s office or student’s desk space with balloons, unbeknownst to them. We are asking for a $100 donation for an office and a $50 donation for a desk space. So, start pooling your money together to flock your favorite PI, student or colleague!

We will be holding our first Flocking Fundraiser from January to May to help raise money for chapter activities such as the SERPENT research program this summer.

Pool your money and have one member of the chapter provide the full amount ($50 for a desk, $100 for an office) using our PayPal Donate link.  Along with your donation, send us an email at mtncsfn@gmail.com with the information about your flocking target including the name, office location, and selection of desk space or office space for flocking.

Don’t wait to flock that special someone.  We will only do 5 flockings per month now through May 1st!

You've been flocked poster

Get your favorite professors, students, or colleagues FLOCKED! They will be greeted by this sign, created by Mary Baldwin, and balloons, courtesy of MTNCSfN officers and your generous donations. We will “flock” offices with balloons in exchange for donations to fund chapter activities like the SERPENT summer program.

Check out photos of flocking courtesy of Ryan Stevenson, Sudipta Chakraborty, Vivien Casagrande, and Julia Mavity-Hudson!  Click on the thumbnails for photo titles. Thanks to Dr. Mark Wallace for being a good sport as our first flocking target!

  • Flocked Sign for Mark Wallace
  • Flocked Sign Posted
  • Office Flocked Full of Balloons
  • Crowded Balloons
  • Balloons Float off the Floor in Mark Wallace’s Office
  • Flocked Full of Balloons
  • Balloons Reach the Chairs
  • Mark Wallace’s Office and Sign
  • Balloons Fill Mark Wallace’s Office
  • Nearly 100 Balloons Fill Mark Wallace’s Office
  • View of Mark Wallace’s Office Post-Flocking
  • Bruce Carter Posts the You’ve Been Flocked Sign
  • Vivien Casagrande Adds Balloons to the Office
  • First Balloon Batch
  • Placing the Last Batch of Balloons
  • Final Bags of Balloons
  • MTNCSfN Officers and Members Bring Balloons
  • Posting You’ve Been Flocked
  • Checking the Sign
  • Mark Wallace with Red Balloon
  • Mark Wallace Enters Office
  • Mark Wallace Checks Out His Desk
  • Mark Wallace Tossing Green Balloon
  • Mark Wallace laughs with yellow balloon
  • Mark Wallace at desk with yellow balloon
  • Mark Wallace & Yellow Balloon