Why Join?

 You will be contributing to operating expenses, local travel awards, outreach activities, and our summer research program.

– Membership in the local and national SfN chapters is required for trainees to be nominated for travel awards to the SfN Annual Meeting

-Membership in the local and national organization is required to nominate trainees for travel awards. (Advisors must be members of the local and national chapters for their trainees to be nominated.)

 Local chapters provide networking opportunities and neuroscience information exchange for members and play an integral role in local public neuroscience education.

 You could have a leadership role in the organization, as membership is required for chapter officers.

We welcome your participation in activities such as the following:

Meetings: In addition to regular meetings, the chapter organizes events such as a Grass Traveling Scientist Lecture and specialized scientific mini-symposia.  We hold social functions and fundraisers to help support our summer research program.

Outreach: The chapter participates in local Brain Awareness activities designed to educate the public about the brain and brain diseases.  We develop and run programs such as the SERPENT summer research program to introduce undergraduate students to neuroscience in the laboratory, who in turn develop educational materials for middle school students.

Training: The annual spring meeting of MTNCSfN is designed to highlight neuroscience trainees and their research. In addition, we compete at the national level for Chapter Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Awards.


How to Join?

Chapter Membership:

Members are required to pay a small annual fee
Investigators $20; Students/trainees $10.

Membership runs from January-to-January thus members become past due after December 31 if they have not sent in their annual renewal.

Please download and complete the membership form (MTNCSfN-Membership form). Email your membership form to the chapter at or print and mail the form along with a check for membership dues as detailed below.

Ways to join or renew:

1. By Mail
Complete the membership form and send with a check/money order (payable to MTNCSfN) to:

Anita Disney

MTNCSfN Secretary/Treasurer

Department of Psychology

Vanderbilt University

PMB 407817

2301 Vanderbilt Place

Nashville, TN 37240


2. In person
Complete the membership form and give it along with your payment to one of the officers:

Aurelio Galli (Vanderbilt –

Anita Disney (Vanderbilt –

Nick Ward (Vanderbilt –

Sahana Nagabhushan Kalburgi (Vanderbilt –

3. Online
Use the Paypal button here on our website, and then complete and email the attached membership form to the chapter at, to the chapter treasurer at, or one of the other officers listed above.

To pay membership dues to the Chapter via our PAYPAL site, use the form field found on the right side bar near the top of each page to select your membership categories (new/renewing, faculty/trainee), and press the “Pay Now” button to be directed to the PayPal website to complete your secure transaction.  Once completed, email your membership form as described above.


Faculty members – consider paying for all interested members of your lab to join the chapter. Send a single payment, along with a completed form for each person to one of the officers. Alternatively, if you are at Vanderbilt or Meharry, you can give the payment and forms to one of the officers.


Note on Tax Deductible Donations:

Membership dues are NOT tax deductible, BUT you can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are used to support Chapter activities including the summer undergraduate research experience (SERPENT program), community outreach and educational activities, and student / post-doc travel awards. Please consider making a contribution and contact us with any questions you might have.


Who Should Join?

Any level of student, trainee, faculty, staff member, etc. at any institute or company with an interest in neuroscience should join.  We welcome undergraduates and others to join and participate in the local chapter even if you are not a member of the national chapter of SfN.